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The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV) is seeking applications/tenders from qualified experts to undertake a corporate review of the Bank to strengthen its human resources capacity and its internal services.

The RBV is the Central Bank of Vanuatu and was established in December 1980 through an Act of Parliament (the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Act Cap 125) and it began operations in January 1981. The Bank has now become a fully-fledged Central Bank.

Its primary responsibilities cover monetary, exchange rate and financial sector stability policies as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Act (Cap 125, 1980) and the Financial Institutions Act (Cap, 254, 1999). The Bank also manages Official Foreign Exchange Reserves.

Over the last ten (10) years the Bank continue to encounter difficult challenges besides the current world economic conditions that have continued to have a significant impact on the Bank’s balance sheet. Given these challenges, it is timely and appropriate that a corporate review be undertaken to re-assess the effectiveness of RBV operations in light of these challenges. Hence, the Bank wishes to engage a short-term TA to undertake the corporate review.

The term is for three (3) months.

Technical Assistant Job Requirement

The Human Resource consultant is expected to undertake the following actions:

  1. Carry out a review of the existing Bank-wide structure and identify gaps and capacity weaknesses compared to international best practice;
  2. Carry out job analysis of existing positions (not people); developing current job descriptions; knowledge/skills/abilities (KSA) profiles for each position, and determine whether few or additional positions are required.
  3. Carry out job audits of all existing staff, to see where people (not position) are falling short of required KSA to meet current/potential needs under RBV mandates.
  4. Carry out a review of current salaries and benefits of RBV staff, including senior management’s remuneration and the Board allowances and compare with the relevant comparator market salaries to determine if compensation packages needs to be adjusted to improve staff recruitment and retention.
  5. Based on the review, proposed and developed a comprehensive Bank-wide structure; developed proposed detailed roles for all functions, develop proposed job descriptions and proposed job profiles for each position and establish essential and desirable competencies and skills for each position.
  6. Proposed salaries on job positions and benefits that is aligned with the comparator market salaries.
  7. Proposed, recommend and implement a transparent staff performance management system which is linked to staff appraisal and the training development programme that has the necessary staff incentive systems to ensure compliance with the new system. The proposal may also include recommendation for automating some of the processes.
  8. Review the current training policy and suggest improvements that would ensure continuous enhancement and productivity in RBV.
  9. Review current recruitment methods, including coaching on interview techniques based on job description of position; formulation of questions and validation assurance.
  10. Devise a suitable RBV promotion policy and reward/incentives system for good performance in accordance with best practice;
  11. Devise a succession planning policy for RBV;
  12. Review and develop exit interview for RBV to track reasons why staff separate from RBV; develop a means to remain in contact with existing staff for future.
  13. Review staff development and upward mobility, training and travel opportunities as an incentive for retention.
  14. Work with the human resource office and management team to ensure that the necessary processes are in place for the reform;
  15. Capacity transfer to the staff of the human resource office team and management at the end of the review;


The HR expert(s) would be expected to review the restructuring exercise and the human resource capacity to produce a work plan setting out the details of the output to be produced in the assignment. The assignment will ascertain the core competencies for the positions that the Bank needs in the coming years and using the current thread to recruit and compensate, assess and manage performance, determine the training needs and plan managerial succession.

The Consultant will also review the current policies of the Bank and also the remuneration package for all positions.  At the end of the exercise, the Consultant will run further trainings to the Human Resource staff and Management to ensure proper implementation of the recommendations of the review.

The HR expert(s) would be expected to have the following qualification and attributes:

  1. 1. Experience and Qualification
  • A relevant qualification and industry accreditation;
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience managerial and Human resources functions, dealing with teams and organizational building;
  • Experience of working in change management issues within a public organization;

  1. 2. Personal Attributes
  • Ability to mentor staff and facilitate through applied teaching techniques;
  • Ability to provide policy advice;
  • Knowledge of modern human resources development techniques and an understanding of organizational theory and practice with regard to the Central Bank or a public sector organization;
  • Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams;
  • Excellent communications, interpersonal skills, ability to gauge and hone on key strengths of team to capitalize and maximize their productivity potential and character;
  • Computer proficiency in standard office applications (spreadsheets, word processing, internet explorer);

Interested expert(s) in human resources management are invited to also submit either LUMP SUM or TIME BASED proposal in response to this advertisement. Payments made against any contract arising from this tender will be made available in the currency of the Tender and the Contract. The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu reserves the right to accept or reject any Tender, and to cancel the Tender process and reject all Tenders, at any time prior to the award of the Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Tenderer(s). There is no rejection on the nationality, citizenship or current resident of the candidate. Applications/Tenders and CVs are to be clearly marked and send to this address:

The Governor

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

PMB 9062




Application Closed

All applications must reach the RBV by Friday 09 June 2017 (4:00pm local Port Vila time {GMT+11), and must be submitted into a locked tender box at the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu building


Through the below secure web link (drop box) in the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu website.

Under – RBV Vancancies Menu

For more clarifications on the advertised position and any further information please contact:

Mr. Kalpeau Lunabek, Manager, Human Resources, Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, Rue Pierre Brunet, Private Mail Bag 9062, Port Vila, Vanuatu, South-West Pacific

Phone +678-23333, Extension 108

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it